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Aelsa has been coordinating, creating, and entrepreneur-ing since she was very young. The oldest of three at home and the bossy big sister of the neighborhood outside, she oversaw clubs, talent shows, and countless crafty side-hustles for years.

As an adult with a couple degrees under her belt, some new tools in her wheelhouse, and a family to share her business with, she's applying those childhood interests to helping hosts put together the smoothest and most beautiful events of their dreams.

She began in the wedding industry as a musician in 2015, a photographer in 2020, and now a coordinator since 2021, though she's been planning parties and events since 2017. Her specialty is designing efficient schedules that allow for maximum results and meaningful moments.

aelsa woods bloomington illinois


From his teenage years, Keith was a born leader with a strong work ethic that's carried him through multiple industries.

His expertise in retail and food service makes his input and help invaluable as manual labor and service staff. As an entrepreneur and out-of-the-box thinker, he supports Artful Strategies in countless ways.

If you hire Artful Strategies for an event service, his muscles and smile will be put to work to make it the best event ever.

We (Keith and Aelsa) live in Bloomington with our blended family. Our favorite activities are evening walks, dreaming and planning for the future, and eating amazing food together.

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